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          中文版 English Hotline:+86-0757-28380318
          Professional silk screen printing equipment

          Welcome to the official website of Yongchang Machinery Co., Ltd., Shunde District, Foshan.

          旧站入口 Ch English Hotline:+86-0757-28380318


          • PS-ZK Series Economy Fully Aut…

            Suitable for efficient printing glass, such as Touch pannel, ITO, electronic glass, appliance glass, display glass, acrylic glass, etc. 1. Printing frame servo vertical ...

          • JBX-1200A Fully Automatic Prec…

            Suitable for screen exposure of high-precision line , screen dot and high-density screen line.   Micro-computer contronl. 60 pre-programmed modes for you to ...

          • PA-ZG Series Large-format Aotu…

            Suitable for printing large furniture glass, decorative glass archtectural glass, Touch pannel. 1. The machine is composed by loader, automatic positioning printer and ...

          • PA-ZK Series Fully Automatic P…

            Suitable for rigid PCB fine line printing   1. Printing electric hoist, rapid and steady running of positioning precision.   2. Printing machine masks ...

          • Large scale, guaranteed

            公司自建八千多平方米生产制造基地 专注行业20年,配备了先进的生产设备,积累了雄厚的技术力量,建立了完善的生产工艺流程。 广泛应用于线路板行业和玻璃行业,产品畅销全国各地,部分产品远销 欧美、东南亚等地。
          • Strong technical force

            根据客户需求,提供多种解决方案,降低成本。 多种功能任意选择,操作简便。 多重安全防护装置,保障操作人员安全。 自动恒温装置,保温性能佳,节能效果显著。
          • Confidence guarantee

          • Perfect after-sales service system

            厂家直接对接客户、无中间环节、设备价格更有优势 技术与客服团队,为您提供24小时在线服务,解决各种问题,售后无忧 设备生产、销售、运输、安装一体化服务

          Shunde Yongchang Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of screen printing equipment in China. The company built eight thousand.The multi square meter manufacturing base is located in the high-tech industrial park of Ronggui, Shunde, Guangdong. 20 loads of rain and rain, Yongchang.It has been developing and expanding, equipped with advanced production equipment, accumulated strong technical strength, and established a complete production worker. Art process........


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